Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to convert hard real skin dildo to soft one :)

In our part of the world, it is nearly impossible to buy a dildo, as its banned (yuck!) so I bought one for my wife when I was on my business trip to US few years back and I thought she is going to love it.

It is a realskin (realistic feel) dildo, but to my surprise, she did not like ti much as she feels that it is bit hard (real skin - is hard), and I was taken by surprise not knowing what to do now, as I know she loves the idea of using dildo :)

She still uses is at times - but rarely, so I thought of changing it to what I call now - soft real skin dildo. I know (from porn movies, sex stories and so on) that women like hard dick and dildos, but it doesnt work for all as is :P so I am going to demonstrate how to convert your hard real skin dildo to a soft one that your girl would love to use to pleasure herself.

You need:
1) Real skin (soft rubber) dildo
2) Knife
3) Patience :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally ! We had a hot, steamy session!

Finally after almost one month (damn! yes one month! can you believe it?), we did it!

She was free - not sure how come she was free that evening - I mean for me that was like being on cloud nine! She was sitting next to me as I was watching porn movie on TV and she came and sat next to me and asked what is it all about....she was looking sexy as always, and my dick started arousing as soon as felt her thighs on my legs and her hands around my neck.....and her ever arousing aroma was making me go movie progressed and one hot scene after another, by the time the player timer hit mid way my dick my rock hard and I took her hands in mine and put it on my dick.

She did not react to it except that she started probing my hard dick with her finger tips and let her palm rest on my dick without any movements but that was enough for me as my heart started pumping blood faster and I could feel her all over me.....

As we were watching the last scene of the movie, which was threesome - couple with shemale- she was taken by surprise but I feel she enjoyed it thoughly as now I could feel her sticking closer to me and her hands started moving on me. One that was resting on my dick started gliding it slowly and as I removed my trousers and underwear to expose it to her, she started stroking it slowly and pre cum started flowing out on her fingers making her strokes even more arousing for both of us....

I bent and kissed her between her legs and started running my fingers through her hair and then holding them tightly moved my dick closer to her lips as she gave me sexy looks in my eyes and started licking and sucking it.....

I removed her shorts and panties and she sat on me and slide my dick in her and we started making rythmic love.....we were in no mood to change position as we were so well locked in this position as I could feel my entire dick in was a long 20 mins hot and steamy session, we came at same time and it was one of the best sex we had in recent past....

I am sure she also enjoyed it after so many days but for me it was like just another day as I can do it every day to her if only she want so.....I am trying to find way to make her feel better whichever ways possible so we can really come close as we did yesterday night for more and more such sessions.

Life is beautiful when you love it and for me sex is one big way to love life......

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can one be so ignorant?

I feel like jumping out of window or just go out and forget everything thats happening in my life. This is hurting me someone can be so ignoring?

I am at home with her, no one at home and she would sit and watch some silly movie or soap opera on TV, I am waiting, sitting at home for her but she wont realize that a alive human being is at home who she is married to and that guy loves her so much - full of energy, sensuality, love, affection and what not....what else a woman may need?

She is my life but not in my life....this is what is it turning out to be.

A hug, a talk, a touch or just sit with me......Am i not the right one for her? Not sure....I wish we could go separate ways somehow and enjoy the life that way each one of us want to.....this is not life for God sake! Please do something.....